Content, conversations, connections

Protactic is an independent strategic communications and public relations consultancy.  We’re known for our distinctive approach: we put strategy before tactics. Our fully integrated B2B and B2C public relations, media relations and communications campaigns are multifaceted, capable of reaching multiple audiences simultaneously for maximum ROI and brand awareness.

PR has evolved from a pure media relations service into a strategic discipline able to engage brands’ and companies’ key stakeholders and stimulate necessary conversations with them. We create outstanding content that inspires these meaningful conversations around your business, on the right channels, allowing you to make valuable connections with the media, consumers, business partners and other important stakeholders in your industry, aligned with your company’s vision and objectives.

We go beyond regular public relations and media relations channels to connect companies and brands to influential target markets through powerful platforms like business forums, thought leader podiums, and one-on-one media engagements.

Creative but results driven, our innovative solutions are capable of answering every communications challenge (yes, even the tough ones!).


Protactic is an independent communications consultancy. We’ve honed our offering over the past 24 years as a strategic media and public relations agency.

We'll help your business establish and maintain relationships with relevant industry media & consumers as well as keep the media & public updated with all latest developments concerning your brand.
These case studies illustrate that process, highlighting our clients’ communications objectives; the tactics we used to deliver on those objectives; and the results achieved.